clearAvenue NAVSEA Seaport-e Contract Contract # N00178-16-D-8644
Synchronization of clearAvenue’s project management with quality management
Our quality Plan clearly identifies
  • Project quality goals and operational processes;
  • Our strategy for identifying mechanisms for determining that our deliverables are complete, accurate, and timely;
  • Our approach to verify that project methods, processes, templates, and tools are being used by the project team properly and effectively;
  • Our approach to verify that deliverables meet project standards and quality expectations;
  • Our approach to verify that deliverables receive proper manager and client sign-off;
  • A framework for establishing WO metrics that will be used to monitor and control WO performance, processes, and quality; and
  • Description of additional groups outside the core project team who will visit and support the project to help achieve these quality objectives.