clearAvenue was awarded a contract from the Department of Veterans Affairs for the Operations and Maintenance of the VA Federation Infrastructure. This contract is for a period of one base year and two option years. In this contract, clearAvenue will operate and maintain the Department of Veterans Affairs Federation Infrastructure at the Capital Region Data Center (CRDC) as well as Disaster Recovery for the infrastructure at the Hines facility.
The infrastructure support includes support for IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, Websphere and IBM Data Power in a virtualized environment built on the VMware suite of tools. "We are very excited to win this contract, we believe we have the expertise and the enthusiasm to do a good job," said Dr. Srini Kankanahalli, the CTO of clearAvenue.

clearAvenue, LLC as a subcontractor to SRA International has been awarded a contract to perform business process modeling of the Veterans Benefit Association (VBA) Quality Process. clearAvenue Engineers will work with SRA to model the business processes using tools such as Websphere Business Process Modeler, Visio and other related tools.

clearAvenue is a subcontractor to Perot Systems Government Solutions which was awarded the Enterprise Access Management (EAM) contract from Federal Student Aid (FSA), Department of Education. clearAvenue and Perot Systems will develop policies, frameworks and integration code to provide role-based access to the various legacy and modernized FSA systems. The integrated system will interact with the FSA Security Architecture, Integrated Partner Management (IPM) and other systems to enforce RBAC according to NIST guidelines.

clearAvenue along with SRA International, IBM and Business Genetics was awarded a BPA from the Department of Veterans Affairs for services around Business Process Modeling and Process Re-engineering. The process modeling effort will model the "As-is" and "To-be" business processes for various Veterans Benefits programs. The team will use Websphere Business Modeler as well as Business Genetics tools to model the business processes.